10 Free Things to Send Your Penpal

It's fun giving and getting a little surprise from your Penpal. It doesn't have to cost any money, it means so much more when you are sharing a piece of yourself in an unexpected thoughtful way. Here are ten ways to share a little piece of your heart with your penfriend.

1. A Picture of Yourself

      For those that are camera shy, send a picture of your favorite outfit, shoes, book display or a picture of yourself as a child- get creative with it. It gives your friend a peak into your life.

2. A Treasured Recipe

      Share your favorite recipe or one that has been in your family for years. Go to town with decorating or choose a minimalist approach, whichever is your style.

3. Your Favorite Poem

       Whether it's a whole poem, a quote from your favorite book or a line from your favorite movie the choice is yours.

4. A Collage

       Make a collage with scrap paper, doodles, magazine clippings, stamps, and tailor it around your favorite color, season or a special occasion that 's important to you.

5. A Playlist

        Gone are the days of mixed tapes, but it's still fun getting playlists. Who knows, you may introduce your Penpal to their new favorite song or artist. 

6. A drawing or Piece of Art

         You don't have to be a Michelangelo or be any "good", art is subjective, it's all about the feeling. Let it all out and create something. It will be felt and appreciated on the receiving end.

7. Make Some Gift Tags

         Don't have any art supplies? Use cereal boxes, or other cardboard packaging specific to your country. Look online for some templates, or make up your own. It doesn't have to be fancy. A simple skinny rectangle would do-it's all about perspective.

8. Origami

         For those that have the patience and have the manual dexterity-origami is great! Search out some ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

9. Coaster From Your Favorite Pub

          Send a coaster, wine or beer labels that are you love. 

10. Send a Link to a  Homemade Video Clip

          Okay, this is a little outside the envelope, but if you are someone who loves making videos and wants to share-go for it! Make a montage of where you live, of what your day to day routine looks like and put it up on YouTube. Set the video settings to private, write down the link on a special piece of paper to ship off to your Penpal and the rest of it is in the mail bag. 



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