Where do you get the Penpals?

Penpals are other women subscribers to Post Candy that are just as excited to start Penpalling as you are:)


How often can I write my Penpal?

The minimum amount is at least once a month, if you want to write more you can. Once Penpal's are matched it is out of our hands and into yours. 


After three months when I get my new Penpal, do I stop writing to my other one?

It is between you and your Penpal whether you want to continue writing. Some people like having a lot of different Penpal's others don't- the choice is yours.


What if I just want the one Penpal but still want the stationery subscription?

If your Penpal has agreed to be your long term Penpal and you have decided you want only one, just contact us at postcandylove@gmail.com letting us know. You will still receive the stationery subscription complete with writing prompts and challenges. If you change your mind in the future let us know and we can match you up with the next packet.


How old do I have to be to join?

Our services are intended for women that are 18+.


How are Penpal's matched?

Penpal's are hand matched according to your interests, hobbies and approximate age range.



All shipping is done through Canada Post. For more detailed information about shipping times check out their website here... www.canadapost.ca


Do I get a tracking number?

(This section has changed as of February 9, 2018). Unfortunately at this time tracking numbers are not available.

If you are from Canada, expect shipment to take 8-10 business days.

The US approximately 2-3 weeks.

Everywhere else allow between 2-4 weeks. (Depending on your countries customs clearance).




How long does it take it get my packet?

The following are the estimated average times. Please note that the times will vary depending on the postal service and custom delays.

Canada:: 3-7business days

USA:: 7-14 business days

Australia:: 12-15 business days

UK :: 9-14 business days

International:: 4-12 weeks depending on location and Country's customs holding policy.

If you are matched with a Penpal and you live in an international country where shipping is lengthy, we will send you your Penpal match via email along with the writing prompts and creative challenges for that month.

(Post Candy is looking at ways to cut down times and shipping costs for the future.)



Are you an artist or artisan and would like to collaborate with us?  Send us an email with some samples of your work to postcandylove@gmail.com



If you want to cancel your subscription you must give us 30 days notice. Please send an email to postcandylove@gmail.com  with "cancellation" in the subject area.




Due to the nature of our business, we can't accept returns. Every sale is a final sale.